Domaine de Vieux-Mareuil: Pioneer of the New Hospitality

At the heart of the magnificent region of the Dordogne, Domaine de Vieux-Mareuil proudly stands at the forefront of the hospitality revolution. Since its foundation in 1999 by Laëtitia Morlat, our domain has strived to redefine the travel experience, offering our guests a unique combination of personalized luxury and warm intimacy. Our story begins with […]

Laetitia Morlat: Guardian of Heritage and History

Laetitia Morlat, an emblematic figure in the heart of the Périgord Vert region, quietly shapes the landscape and has been preserving its history for years. Born in this picturesque corner of Dordogne, her journey to becoming a guardian of heritage began decades ago. Her story is one of passion and dedication to the land where […]

Renovations at Domaine de Bagatelle: A Luxurious Transformation

At Domaine de Bagatelle, exciting changes are underway to elevate your experience to new heights of luxury and relaxation. Among the many enhancements taking place, the highlight is the transformation of the current pool into a stunning infinity pool, offering unparalleled views of the picturesque valley below. Work on this ambitious project began in October […]