Laetitia Morlat: Guardian of Heritage and History

Laetitia Morlat, an emblematic figure in the heart of the Périgord Vert region, quietly shapes the landscape and has been preserving its history for years. Born in this picturesque corner of Dordogne, her journey to becoming a guardian of heritage began decades ago.

Her story is one of passion and dedication to the land where she grew up. After years of traveling the world with her husband, Laetitia’s heart remained tied to her roots. The couple eventually returned to their ancestral land, embarking on a mission to restore and revitalize the rich cultural heritage surrounding them.

Their first project was the restoration of the historic manor in Fronsac, a project that ignited Laetitia’s passion for preservation. With unwavering determination, she transformed the manor into a charming guesthouse, welcoming visitors from near and far to discover the beauty of the region. Deeply attached to this residence, as she was born within its walls, Laetitia Morlat has now made it her primary home. But her vision does not stop there.

Inspired by the potential of Château de Chanet, a neighboring property steeped in history, Laetitia and her husband embarked on a new adventure. Together, they transformed the neglected castle into a magnificent estate that speaks volumes of their commitment to preserving the region’s heritage.

Over the years, the couple has continued to expand their portfolio, acquiring and restoring several other properties, including the enchanting Villa de La Roussie, Domaine de Bagatelle, and the captivating Domaine de Lavy. Each property tells a unique story, reflecting Laetitia’s deep connection to the land and her unwavering commitment to preserving its history for future generations.

Today, Laetitia Morlat is a beacon of hope for the preservation of cultural heritage in the Périgord Vert region. Her tireless efforts have not only breathed new life into historical properties but have also contributed to safeguarding the rich cultural landscape of the region.